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The International Boxing Council (IBC) is a boxing organization. The IBC titles are often the beginning for professional boxers who progress to high prestigious titles. Along with the likes of the IBO, WPBF,IBU, IBA, and the WBF, the IBC is a second-tier title and their champions are not regarded as world champions, unlike the WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF, which are regarded as the big four.

Current IBC world title holders[]

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Strawweight Vacant
Junior Flyweight Vacant
Flyweight Vacant
Super Flyweight Vacant
Bantamweight Vacant
Super Bantamweight Vacant
Featherweight Vacant
Super Featherweight Vacant
Lightweight Vacant
Junior Welterweight Ukraine Volodymyr Kravets August 30, 2010
Welterweight Vacant
Junior Middleweight Vacant
Middleweight Vacant
Super Middleweight Vacant
Light Heavyweight Vacant
Cruiserweight Ukraine Alexander Gurov October 21, 2012
Heavyweight Vacant

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