Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling was a boxing match between two greatest fighters at the time, Joe Louis and Max Schmeling. It took place on June 19th, 1936 at the famous Yankee Stadium in New York City.

Description Edit

he referee was the legendary Arthur Donovan, and the stadium's seats were sold out. The bout was scheduled for fifteen rounds. Schmeling was studying Louis' fights before this one, to see if he can find any weaknesses.

The Fight Edit

The first rounds started with Schmeling using his jab to distance himself from Louis. The audience watched as Schmeling continued to use his style, and Louis stunned by his opponent, was shocked and couldn't fight. Louis apparently going for the knockout tried to hit Schmeling, however Louis sustained heavy damage to his eye, which damaged his eyesight making the knockout to Schmeling impossible. In Round 12, Schmeling was far ahead and landed a right and then punched Louis' lower jaw followed by another right hand which knocked out Louis, giving his first knockout.

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