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Lyn Philp was a New Zealand professional boxer, and New Zealand's Bantamweight Champion from 1947 - 1954.

  • Ranked fourth best bantamweight New Zealand all time greats.[1]

With his punching power, speed and elusive style, Philp soon became the #1 contender for the bantamweight belt. In 1960 he was ranked third best bantamweight in New Zealand history.[2]


On graduation from school, Philp was drafted into the New Zealand Army, serving with distinction in the Middle East and Japan in World War II.[3]

Amateur careerEdit

In the spring of 1942, the United States First Marine Division sailed for Wellington, prior to opening a counteroffensive against the advancing Japanese forces. The marines were matched to fight local boxers on the preliminaries to the Strickland-Mullett heavyweight title fight. In the local team there appeared two Wellington fighters who were to turn professional after the war, Jack McCann and Lyn Philp. Both had wins over US Marines, and 15 year old Bobby Goslin, drawn to meet P. Gonsalves, less than a minute later they were picking a semi-conscious Marine up off the deck! Goslin who would represent New Zealand at the 1948 Olympics. Philp, incidentally, fought Goslin three times, winning once and losing twice. Philp while serving with J Force in Japan after the war, he would win a tournament in Kure,[4] beating an Australian in the final. [5] Kure is at the southern end of Japan’s main island Honshū. The allocated area of occupation included the Hiroshima Prefecture.

Professional careerEdit

He started his pro-career as a bantamweight joining the training stable of the legendary Dick Dunn. His first professional fight was a win against Ronnie Hawes on 21 April 1947 at Wellington Town Hall.[6]

At Hastings New Zealand on 6 August 1947, and his second professional fight he met Tot Hoggarth the bantamweight champion in the first of three meetings between the pair, being defeated in round twelve. In his rematch with Tot Hoggarth, on 6 October 1947 at Petone New Zealand he won by KO, setting the stage for the final showdown and the battle for the belt.

The Philp-Hoggarth battle took place on 21 February 1948 at the Petone Recreation Ground New Zealand. For the third and final time they would meet to decide the champion. Hoggarth was stopped by knock-out, Philp winning the New Zealand bantamweight title and the belt. He retained the belt until his eventual retirement from the ring on 6 June 1954, when he vacated the title.

He was matched for a world title bout against World Champion Jimmy Carruthers.[7] For reasons unclear the fight never went ahead.

In 1954 he stepped up to featherweight fighting Johnny Hanks for the vacant featherweight title, losing by KO in round eight.

After retiring from the ring Philp opened a boxing gym where he became a trainer of boxers.

Career recordEdit

6 Wins (2 knockouts, 4 decisions), 4 Losses (3 knockouts, 1 decision), 0 Draws [1]
Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOST 22x20px Johnny Hanks KO 8 (15) 14 June 1954 22x20px Town Hall, Auckland For vacant New Zealand featherweight title, after title vacated by Tom Batty's retirement
LOST 22x20px Bob Goslin PTS 10 (10) 1 June 1953 22x20px Opera House, Wanganui
Win 22x20px Theo Green Jnr PTS 10 (10) 29 December 1949 22x20px Town Hall, Lower Hutt
Win 22x20px Theo Green Jnr PTS 10 (10) 3 December 1949 22x20px Municipal Theatre, Napier
LOST 22x20px Keith Francis KO 4 (12) 13 June 1949 22x20px Civic Theatre, Christchurch
Win 22x20px Archie Cahill PTS 10 (10) 24 December 1948 22x20px Petone Recreation Ground, Petone
Win 22x20px Tot Hoggarth KO 10 (15) 21 February 1948 22x20px Petone Recreation Ground, Petone For New Zealand bantamweight title. Philp retired 6 June 1954, vacating the title
Win 22x20px Tot Hoggarth KO 9 (10) 6 October 1947 22x20px Palace Theatre, Petone
LOST 22x20px Tot Hoggarth KO 12 (15) 6 August 1947 22x20px Municipal Theatre, Hastings For New Zealand bantamweight title
Win 22x20px Ronnie Hawes PTS 10 (10) 21 April 1947 22x20px Wellington Town Hall


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