National Boxing Hall of Fame - 2017 Pre Ceremony

National Boxing Hall of Fame - 2017 Pre Ceremony


The National Boxing Hall of Fame is a hall of fame that recognizes the achievements of both professional boxers and the people that are affiliated with making the sport successful.It is based out of California.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the National Boxing Hall of Fame is to honor fighters past and present and to recognize the sport of boxing for the unique intense nature of the sport.Their president is Bill Young and their vice president is Linda Dempsey Young. Benjamin Rendon of the World Boxing Council belongs to their board of directors. Previous induction ceremonies have been held on April 28th, but that has been changed since 2020. The annual induction ceremony is held once a year at the Quiet Cannon Crystal Grand Ballroom in Montebello, California.Individual seats are priced at $75.Since 2015, they have inducted over ninety members.

Class of 2015 Edit

Some of those inducted into the class of 2015 were Miguel Cotto, Dan Goosen, Jack Reiss, and Ken Thompson.

Class of 2016 Edit

Some of the members of the class of 2016 were James Toney,Leon Spinks, The Wild Card Boxing Gym, and Joey Orbillo.The Wild Card Boxing Gym is located in Los Angeles, California. It has become popular in recent years because Manny Pacquiao trains out of the gym.The Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing match of 2015 was one of the most highly publicized and financially successful boxing matches of all time.Many unsanctioned boxing exhibitions have occurred at the Wild Card Boxing Gym, to include the Preston Hartzog vs. James Toney match of 2004.

Class of 2017 Edit

Some of the inductees for this class were Michael Spinks,Earnie Shavers and James Tillis.

Class of 2018 Edit

Muhammad Ali was inducted into this class.Ali won the heavyweight championship three times.

Class of 2019 Edit

Sean O'Grady, Mike Weaver, Amy Hayes and Carl King are some of those that were inducted into the class of 2019. Carl King worked for his father Don King (boxing promoter) for many years.Mike Tyson generated hundreds of millions of dollars as a boxer fighting in Las Vegas while being promoted by Don King.

Class of 2020 Edit

Some of those chosen for the class of 2020 are Sugar Ray Leonard,Ernie Brown, Steve Farhood, Frank Garza, Dr. Blair Kranson,Mike North and Rex Walker.The Don José Sulaimán Lifetime Achievement Award is being awarded to the legendary boxing promoter Don King.The ceremony will be held on April 26,2020 at Quiet Cannon Crystal Grand Ballroom in Montebello, California.


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