In women's and junior amateur boxing pinweight is, or has been, a weight class for boxers weighing in under 46 kg (before 2003, 45 kg).

In September 2010 the women's class was partly merged into an extended 45–48 kg light flyweight division, with women weighing less than 45 kg excluded from competition. Pinweight is still defined for junior contests.

Women's Amateur Champions at Pinweight Edit

year World European
2001 22x20px Elena Sabitova 22x20px Oria Mahmoud
2002 22x20px Mary Kom
2003 22x20px Camelia Negrea
2004 Russia Elena Sabitova
2005 22x20px Mary Kom Russia Elena Sabitova
2006 22x20px Mary Kom 22x20px Steluta Duta
2007 22x20px Steluta Duta
2008 22x20px Mary Kom
2009 Russia Svetlana Gnevanova

Current professional boxing championsEdit

Sanctioning Body Reign Began Champion Record Defenses

For a full list, see List of Pinweight boxing champions

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