Welterweight is a weight class division in combat sports. Originally the term "welterweight" was used only in boxing, but other combat sports like kickboxing, taekwondo and mixed martial arts also use it for their own weight division system. In most sports that use it, welterweight is heavier than lightweight but lighter than middleweight.


Commonwealth championsEdit

Olympic championsEdit

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The current Olympic male welterweight division is set at 141-152lbs (64-69kg).[1]

Professional boxingEdit

A welterweight boxer's weight is greater than 140 pounds (Script error kg), but not greater than 147 pounds (Script error kg).[2]

Professional boxing championsEdit

Current championsEdit

Sanctioning Body Reign Began Champion Record Defenses
IBF October 20, 2012 United States Devon Alexander 24-1 (13 KO) 0
WBA April 29, 2012 United States Paul Malignaggi 32-4 (7 KO) 1
WBC September 17, 2011 United States Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 43-0 (26 KO) 0
WBO June 9, 2012 United States Timothy Bradley 30-0 (12 KO) 1

References and notesEdit

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